Think less to think more

We will join you on a wonderful trip around Lake Bled with wooden tourist boats. The circular route combines sightseeing and completing tasks. In short, you can also see Bled a little differently, more funny and attractive.

Why not compiting with rowing boats against your friends?

We divide the group into several smaller ones to get crews for wooden tourist boats. If the programme is of a competitive nature, we are having ceremonies for the most successful crews in the various categories. The crew of a wooden tourist boat consists of four or five rowers who use canoe instead of the usual long oars. In addition to the competition between the crews, the participants will have fun tasks or just enjoy the beautiful views and discover the hidden corners of Bled Island …

Stopovers on our way

veslaški center bled


The center is a hotbed for Olympic and world rowing champions

blejski grad


On castle rock abode the lake there is a Bled castle. Visit the castle printing house and listen the story of the castle

tribuna bled


The most beautiful grandstand above the lake is a wonderful stop and an opportunity to socialize with a culinaric tasting

blejski otok


On an island in the middle of the lake, we will treat ourselves with potica, ring the bell of wishes and head to the top of the church tower

restavracija špica


Restaurant, pizzeria and bar Špica in the heart of Bled with beautiful views is a stop where we can have a good snack and drink


Rowing experience

Rowing experience

Rowing experience

Rowing experience

Rowing experience

Rowing experience


Example of a rowing programme