The effectiveness of TEAMSYNC programs is ensured trough educational training that combines the experience in one of the sport's most prestigious disciplines.

Lasting impact

Positive team spirit will be taken back to your workplace.

Positive team dynamics

Development of positive team dynamics and confidence under the supervision of coaches with experience of winning at the Olympic Games and World Championships

Responsibility and commitment

Encouraging responsibility and commitment with clear identification of individuals contribution to the team achievement


Identification of troubled individuals - destroyers of the team.

Teamsync Program

Elite rowing crew is a synonym for unity and synchronism of a team. Successful navigation in the right direction ispossible only through coordinated work of all the crew. Participants of teamsync programs will learn that working for the team objective, rather than their individual agendas, ultimately makes the job easier for everyone including themselves. Rowing provides an illustrative way of combining factors that determine the success of sports teams or working groups - trust, dedication, selflessness, determination, honesty and commitment. Our programs are carried out on Lake Bled where some of the world's best rowers made their first strokes. The beautiful scenery of the lake, which is also one of the preferred and best rowing venues in the world, will inspire your group and encourage the working mood.

It's not just teambuilding

The effectiveness of teamsync programs is ensured trough educational training that combines the experience in one of the sports most prestigious disciplines and discussions. Our highly interactive workshops are based on practical situations which encourage active learning, motivating participants to cooperate in discussions or in analyzing concrete cases in small groups.

As your teams are placed in a new, exclusive environment where interaction and communication are essential, any disagreements that undermine the effectiveness at workplace will need to be resolved in order to be successful.

Unity and synchronism

The rowing metaphor is particularly useful in assessing team dynamics, achieving flow and balance, and learning to modulate oneself in the context of a greater team or organization. Rowing well demands not that participants pull hard, but that they pull together.

While the strength of a single person is important, it must be realized in the context of the team. Each eight person crew boat demonstrates the balance between individual strength and team performance. We will focus on lessons learned and trough many other real-life examples help your team to understand the operation of a true High Performing Team.

Teamsync program

Adjusted to fit your company needs


Assembly at the Olympic Rowing Centre in Bled:

  • Rower's breakfast;
  • Short presentation of rowing in Bled, rowers and activities;
  • Selection and formation of crews;
  • Motivational address.


Learning the basics of rowing on the rowing simulators in the gym.


Morning training in rowing boats:

  • Preparation and boarding the boats;
  • Learning the basics of rowing stroke in the boat at the landing stage;
  • Leaving the landing stage and rowing in a rowing lane;
  • Crews will be accompanied by a coach on a motor boat;


Interactive workshop

Afternoon training

Competition over a 200-meter distance


Finish and cleaning the equipment


Summary of the day with a video-analysis and awards ceremony


Dinner or picnic, entertainment program

Our skills


Adapted to your goals

  • Single day or more days
    Teamsync program can be carried out in cooperation with company's existing advisors or coaches. The programs are carried out in a single-day or multi-day format.
  • Combined events
    Program may also include additional CSR social responsibility activity or can be well combined with various other events, such as conferences, meetings, etc.
  • Full package
    The entire arrangement of your stay in Bled is taken care of: accommodation, transfers, tours, outdoor activities, workshops, entertainment, etc.
  • Safety
    As safety is our top priority feature, we give clear instructions, two experienced rowers in each boat and accompany rowing boats by coaches on motor boats.
  • Indoor backup plan
    In case of bad weather or unforseen conditions, we aim to provide you with equal experience with a indoor backup plan.


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