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Rowing experience

Half-day rowing activities are designed for groups who want an attractive and dynamic way to spice up a variety of business and social activities. INSYNC offers 3 programmes, where your group will get on the water, in professional racing shells like the ones you see at the Olympics, wooden tourist boats or stay on dry in the gym. You will learn basic rowing skills and how to work as a team. Those team skills will be put together in a short, fun race where the importance of team cooperation can be realized.

Racing boats

We use lessons from the sport of rowing to illustrate challenges in the business world. It is the perfect example of how important a strong, cohesive team is for success. The experience will allow your team to feel the physical, mental and emotional aspects of working together to move a boat efficiently and with speed.

Daily program

  • Short presentation of Bled rowing, rowers and activities.
  • Crew draw and design crews.
  • Learn the basics of rowing on the rowing simulators in the gym at Rowing Club Bled.
  • Prepare and board in competitive rowing boats (Eights, Quadruple Sculls, Fours).
  • Eights will be led by two professional rowers, fours by one professional rower.
  • Learn the basics of the rowing stroke in the boat at the landing stage.
  • Leave the landing stage and commence rowing in a rowing lane.
  • Crews will be accompanied by a trainer in a motor launch.
  • Competition over a distance of 200 meters.
  • Land and clean the equipment.
  • “Doping” banquet and awards ceremony.

Wooden boats

The crew of the boat consists of four or five rowers who will use canoe paddles instead of the usual oars. In addition to competitions between the crews, participants will experience fun tasks, or simply enjoy beautiful views and discover hidden corners of the island of Bled. THINK LESS TO THINK MORE is the motto of this programme, which is designed for entertainment, relaxation, and to encourage interaction between your group.

120 - 180 minute program

  • Assemble at the boathouse of Grand Hotel Toplice.
  • Short presentation of rowing in Bled, rowers and activities.
  • Select and design crews. The navigator of each boat will be a professional rower.
  • Board in wooden tourist boats.
  • Gather at Villa Zlatorog
  • Crew Competition over a distance of 500m (about 4-5 minutes).
  • Disembark on Bled Island.
  • Fun Contest “Bride carrying up the stairs.”
  • »Doping break« on the island.
  • Tour of Bled Island.
  • Row towards the Hotel Toplice, fun rowing competition.
  • Results will be announced and prizes awarded.

Indoor rowing

The program is carried out in Bled, where some of the best rowers in the world have been brought up. Training takes place in a large gym with rowing simulators and fitness gym equipped with the latest fitness machines. Participants will exercise on special devices for simultaneous rowing. Each crew consists of four people. At the end of program, crews will compete against each other at a distance of 500 meters (2 minutes).

Indoor Program

  • Short presentation of Bled rowing, rowers and Activities.
  • Crew draw and design crews.
  • Learn the basics of rowing on the rowing simulators
  • Combining rowing on simulators and circuit workout in fitness gym.
  • “Fours” competition at a distance of 500 meters.
  • Completion of training with relaxation exercises.
  • “Doping” banquet and awards ceremony.

Rowing Camps

Set at the foot of the Julian Alps, Lake Bled has become one of the world´s most renowned rowing centres and is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful courses to be found anywhere in the world. Many national and international regattas have taken place here, including four World Championships , the most recent of which was in 2011. Updated for the 21st century, our modern training facilities together with wide range of accommodation make it a perfect setting for successful sports’ camps. Feel the atmosphere of the rowing venue where medals winners of many World Championships and Olympic Games have been produced and share the lake with some of the best athletes of the sport. Our rowing camps are suitable for clubs, teams, individuals, colleges, experienced athletes aged 16-18 (priority will be given to promising college seniors and university undergraduates).

We will provide

  • Use of rowing boats and equipment
  • Use of gym with rowing simulators and fitness equipment
  • Use of motor boats
  • Lectures and consulting
  • Biomechanical and physiological testing
  • Accommodation
  • Nutritious freshly prepared meals
  • Airport transfers
  • Organization of other activities (e.g. sightseeing, tours, adrenaline sports etc)
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