InSync Team

InSync was established in 2010 as a result of growing interest in exclusive activities that are based on tradition, success and global recognition. Our programs are individually designed according to the aims and objectives of our clients. They are especially suitable for business groups who want to enhance team spirit through a variety of stimulating challenges.

  • Jani Klemenčič

    Jani Klemenčič was a member of coxless four that won the first Olympic medal for independent Slovenia in 1992 and a bronze medal at the World rowing Championships in Lucerne 2001. He has attended four Olympic Games (Barcelona 92, Atlanta 96, Sydney 00 and Athens 04) and eight World rowing Championships. He was known by “all the time fourth” (two times 4th at the Olymic games and three times at the World championships) wich made him even stronger in all ways.

    After a 20-year long career he was searching for new challenges which he found in climbing Kilimanjaro (5984m), completing the Iron man (3,8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling, 42 km of running) and what he didn’t achieve in rowing, he did in sailing. He became the World champion in Lanzzarote 2013 in RC44 class.

    Since 2008 he has been running a company which manages two restaurants in Bled. On the basis of friendship, sports and business links, he and his former rowing partner, have recently started organizing team-buildings for different groups and companies. Many years of rowing together and sharing same views have joined them in one desire; to transfer their racing experiences, broad view and mainly positive energy to others.

    “Rowing gave me everything I need to survive in this crazy world: hard work, the ability to adjust, meeting different people, discipline…but not just this. I learned that everything is possible, it is just a matter of how big your wish is and how far you are willing to go, to reach the goal”

  • Miha Pirih

    Miha Pirih is a rowing coach at the Rowing Club Bled and a former elite rower. He graduated from the Faculty of Sport at University of Ljubljana.

    As a member of Slovenian rowing team, he attended three Olympic Games (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008) and twelve rowing World Championships. Among his greatest achievements are the bronze medal in the World rowing Championships in 2009 and fourth place at Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 in the coxless four.

    His ability to inspire and motivate often made him a team leader. It was his responsibility to make sure that all the members of his crew were comfortable with each other and had a working relationship that made the team productive and efficient.

    Throughout his professional sport career, he was aware of the importance of education and despite the exhausting training regime managed to graduate at the peak of his rowing career.

    Miha is now transmitting knowledge and experiences to young rowers and cares for the promotion of rowing in Slovenian elementary schools.

    “Rowing, especially in big boats like eights, can in simple manner display behaviours that support and foster performance and the ones that don’t. Our objective is showing our clients how to set the team values as a reference point, around which the teams are building their behaviours."

Team of instructors

Our rowing instructors are former great rowers, among them Olympians and world championships medalists. They will help you conquer the rowing technique and make you feel safe on the lake. Each crew of six or seven participants will be joined by two experienced rowers.

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