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What Our Clients Say

Our programs are individually designed according to the aims and objectives of our clients. They are especially suitable for business groups who want to enhance team spirit through a variety of stimulating challenges.

  • Polona Lovšin, RIKO

    Jani and Miha masterfully spread the knowledge and wisdom of teamwork from the lecture room to the boat. Extensive knowledge and experience from their professional sports career, the transfer of knowledge into the business frames, having an exceptional feel for the individual and the group, leadership charm, hospitality, sense of humour, little surprises- they synchronize all of this into an exceptional experience that enables one to internalize the team spirit and creates a feeling of belonging. Highly recommended!


    This year's gathering in Bled has exceeded our expectations. I was impressed by synchronicity of the rowers, their hard work and contagious positivity. We have learned the basics of rowing in a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful nature.Rowing requires good coordination of the team, which is also an important feature of any good medical team. I could only wish for more similar social events, intended for promotion and strengthening of team spirit.”

  • Jamie Hilton, British Embassy

    Insync Rowing gave us a wonderful day, which really helped us build team spirit and a sense of the whole Embassy pulling together. The instructors were great - friendly, welcoming and flexible to our team's needs. I would certainly recommend the experience to others.

  • Marjeta, UKC LJUBLJANA

    What can I say? This year's rowing team building was really awesome, everything from organization, food, socializing with rowers and of course with colleagues. In fact it was so good, that we should repeat it more often. Teamsync programme contributes to relaxed atmosphere among colleagues, which is repeatedly neglected in the workplace and of course improves interpersonal relationships, or even makes some new acquaintances.”

    Segment Manager OEM Europe & CIS

    Even with 20 years of experiences in collective sports, I was surprised how synchronized a rowing crew has to be in order to succeed and how any deviation from perfection results in a low output and lower boat velocity. We really needed to connect and work in sync, regardless of our knowledge, opinion and experiences in order to »float« successfully.
    It was the proper kind of team building, the one which really connects the team and on the other hand offers a break from everyday obligations

  • Danilo Kolenc, KNAUF INSULATION
    Operations Manager OEM Europe & CIS

    Rowing in eights with the InSync Team is a superb experience, true team building exercise in which teamwork and integration of all participants is the main priority. Key learning point is that the only way the team really succeeds and achieves the desired goals is not dictated by the work of an individual, in fact it can even be held back by one, but by joined teamwork of all the rowers in the boat. This is something we need to implement more in our daily work.

  • Tatjana Jurca, PWC

    A once in a lifetime experience, feelings of connectivity, beautiful nature, surrounded by the sun and positive energy of the InSync team, has followed us not only on our traditional „away day“, but also long after the event. The combination of unforgettable mingling, laughing and relaxed atmosphere with one of a kind teachers and rowing instructors plus all the good will, made our day unique. For me, as an event planner from PwC, there is no better confirmation than the satisfied looks and smiles on the faces of my colleagues, for whom this experience was a great update to their interpersonal relations. The rowing adventure on Bled Lake in the calm of nature and idyllic water has relaxed our bodies and gave us strength and inner peace.
    Boys, once again, thank you for a unique feeling of acceptance and a perfectly performed day.

  • Katja Juhart, PWC

    I was especially impressed by professional attitude of the organizers, and other rowing instructors. Each participant got plenty of attention and we all felt like it was important to you that we really learn how to row. You were fun, relaxed, but still focused on objectives, common to most businesses: Teamwork, common goals, synchronicity, fighting spirit, attention... and elegance at work.


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